Privacy Policy

●  The personal data of the users of this popular website is processed and controlled by the company named Galaktika N.V. The address is : Groot Kwartierweg 10, Willemstad, Curaçao, CW. “User” and “Company” at the joint mentioned hereinafter is referred to as the “Parties”, and each is separately referred as “Party”.

●      The authority complies with all the principles that are established by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), personal data here are processed honestly, legally, and as well as transparently by them. The personal data is usually collected for certain, legitimate and explicit purposes and it is not processed any further. Every reasonable action or step should be considered and taken to make sure that the personal data which used to be inaccurate, considering all kinds of purposes for which they were actually processed in the first place. The incorrect personal data must be erased and then corrected immediately. Then they will be stored in a kind of form that will allow identification of the users that are no longer than it is actually necessary.

●      Personal data that have been collected and processed by the respective Company in respect to customers or users: surname, name, patronymic, contact information, address of residence, valid email address, login (username) and relevant payment information. The company in charge of identifying the user`s exact personality has every right to ask for or request the user’s passport’s scan-copy. All the data which is given by the user must be valid and correct. The user is solely and fully responsible for the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the data that is submitted by the respective user.

●     The website uses the user’s personal data for identifying that user’s identity during the registering on this website. It is also needed to identify the user for the accuracy of making the payments from the Company to the user and vice-versa. They use the user details in order to complete the process and provide the user with the desired services. The personal data of the users are also used to keep records of the user’s account and also maintain the account.

●     The personal data can be disclosed (transferred) by that  Company to any of the site’s affiliated companies or even any business partners. The site can guarantee that these companies are well-aware of the correctness and accuracy of personal data processing that is similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), and further comply with all the provisions of this important regulatory enactment.

●      If a user wishes to see any personal data that the site stories about the user or if the user wants to make any sort of changes to his/ her personal data or delete them then a request via email needs to be sent.Furthermore if the user wishes to receive information regarding the personal data and how it is used by the company, and how the confidentiality of everyone’s personal data is maintained then again a request to the site needs to be sent on their email which is [email protected] In order to maintain the user’s confidentiality, the user must submit a confirmation that will approve the identity and that this is the real owner of the data. The site is able to refuse to give any answers as well on some requests which will be considered to be excessive and unreasonable.

Privacy policy is actually a very important factor to both the website and the users. All the players want to play and stay safe. They want to be sure enough that nothing will harm them while they are trying to enjoy the gaming experience. In addition, the website finds it necessary to keep its users protected and have their personal information completely secured.

The website is for informational purposes only. The site does not accept payments and does not host real money games.